Monday, June 10, 2019

Project Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Project Management - Case Study ExampleThis is because any special be given may likely lead to increased costs of operation. If all factors are held constant, there should be no consideration for the increase in the productiveness since the increase will likely lead to a decrease in the profits. Consequently, since the indirect costs are accrued daily on the go through but, are fixed, the possibilities would be that of increasing the costs of certain specific spues bit at the same era decreasing the project time. The decrease in project age of a specific activity results in an overall decrease in the succession for the whole project hence, a decrease in the total overheads (Meredith & Samuel 204). other related issue with the tradeoffs is the determination of activities to be crashed for the enabling of maximum overall job profits. Therefore, the cost-time tradeoffs will enhance the costs of specific activities in the project while reducing the overall cost for the project (Nagarajan 105). Question 2 Options for accelerating project completion There are several options that house be available to the project manager for the enhancement of the completion of the intended project. These include admittance of extra resources into the project, outsourcing for the project work, scheduling of overtime for the project and the establishment of a core project team to look over the projects completion. Other options for the acceleration are conduction the project twice (repeated project), faster and correctly than the first chemise (Gray & Erik 324). However, these options may only apply when the resources for the project are not constrained. If the resources are constrained, then the options available would be fast-tracking of the project to hasten its completion, development and adoption of a critical chain for the completion of the project, reduction of the scope of the project and the compromising of the quality of the project though a faster conduct for as abundant as it is completed (Gido & James 130). In the first scenario, a project manger may enhance completion of a project through the addition of resources. While this will probably lead to augmented costs to the project, it will increase the rate at which the project is delivered thus, a reduction in the time of the project. Activities that can be done in regard to this include employment or hiring of additional staff and purchasing of additional equipment to carry out the tasks. In the second scenario, a project manger may schedule the work involved in the project to entail workers doing overtime. In this regard, the extension in work time will hasten the completion of the project but at an increased cost of maintenance of workers in overtime shifts (Haynes 44). The project manage can also enhance the completion of the project through outsourcing of the project either in terms of outsourcing other materials and laborers from other companies or giving a particle or the entir e project to a different company to carry out. This, just like the former process will reduce the project duration and enhance faster completion of the project but, at a higher cost to the project (Morris 98). Finally, the project manager may enhance the completion of the project through the establishment of a core project team which will be tasked to oversee the stages of the project to its finishing point. In this, the team has to put more(prenominal) efforts to be

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