Sunday, July 28, 2019

According to the article and answer the question Assignment - 1

According to the article and answer the question - Assignment Example Furthermore, the assertion that Sifaka have different colors is true. This is because on closer examination of these animals, it is possible to denote that they portray patches of black, gray, white and a gold colored fur. Furthermore, the author accurately describes the physical appearance of the Sifaka. In the description, the Sifaka have a slightly bugged out eyes, long limbs, and special characteristics that enables them to groom themselves (Kappeler, 21). This includes possessing a toilet claw, found in their second toe. It is important to denote that these are the characteristics of the family of Indriidae, and specifically, the genus of Lemur. It is further important to denote that Lemur is vegetarian in nature, and this makes the Sifaka to be vegetarians. On this basis, the writer is correct through the article which asserts that the diet of the Sifaka involves flowers, fruits, leaves, and the bark of a tree. Kappeler (31) also supports the fact that Sifaka likes sunbathing. This is a luxury to them, and it normally occurs when they are not looking for food. On this note, the information given by the author concerning this behavior is correct. Furthermore, the description of the author regarding the gestation period of the female Sifaka is correct. All Lemurs normally have a gestation period of between four to five months. The only shortcoming in this article is the inability of the writer to give information concerning the growth and development of the young

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