Saturday, August 10, 2019

The attitudes of children and adults Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The attitudes of children and adults - Essay Example gs about these manifestations in one’s characteristics, it is the experiences that the individual undergoes that actually defines his behavior into that of an adult, or that of a child. However, basically, humans are ‘selfish’ by nature, and these attitudes towards the different parts of life may still root to the fact that humans are selfish beings. Let’s take four aspects wherein the difference between such behaviors can clearly be seen: honesty, education, trust, and personal outlook. One of the most discordant aspects of life is honesty. Honesty is one of the basic things that people can either adhere to or stray from. Although children are not the most tactful individuals one may come across with, they are by nature, very honest creatures (Froese). When it comes to honesty, a child’s remarks/comments are those that are deemed reliable, compared to that of an adult’s. Adults’ credibility in honesty is shadowed by the mere fact that it is quite natural for them to blurt out ‘white lies’, -- which is also where children are first exposed to the concept of lying. Children are very blatant in their facial expressions, as well as their actions. A child who told a lie, is most likely to gush, and cover his mouth, with an obvious act to conceal such action. Whereas an adult who told a lie is just most likely to touch his lip, a more refined and unobvious way to conceal such act (Pease and Pease 25). When it comes to lying, though, chil dren and adults both lie – and the reasons behind it are usually to one’s own benefit. A child is most likely to lie to escape punishment, while an adult may lie to impress someone, to get his way, or to protect others, even themselves (Zolten and Long). However, it is noted that any individual – child or adult, does not respond well to being lied at. In terms of education, the attitude of the child and the adult may differ in the light of how they were â€Å"programmed† for such endeavor, as well as

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