Thursday, October 17, 2019

Final plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Final plan - Essay Example Thus the above condition does reflect that the product is quite new to the target population of around 690,850 people in Guatemala. This population is held to largely consist of the elite households in the region that lone account for around 50 percent of the total wealth. Thus from the above data it is quite evident that the target population which is comprised by around 10 percent of the total population of Guatemala has the potential to invest in large amounts for acquiring the product. This calls for rendering a large promotional and advertising campaign to help relate the product effectively with the people falling in the target population. The product being in the introductory stage calls for effective advertising and promotional activities. Advertising and promotional activities thereby are required to get large scale support of considerable investments and must endeavor to project the salient benefits attached to the product. In regards to choosing the media for advertising the product in the region it is understood that the media like radio and television would help support the largest part of the advertising activities (Bryson, 303). The majority of the population in Guatemala has access to radio and television for which such media can be effectively considered for advertising the product to the target market. Again the use of print media also constitutes an integral part for advertising the products for a study reflects that newspapers do contribute in a significant fashion in regards to advertising activities in the region (Fox, 52). The availability and thereby use of internet among the population in Guatemala is highly restricted with only 10.37 percent of the population having access to such. Thus the advertisements can be rendered through slots prepared in regards to radio and television as broadcasting media and full or half pager advertisements rendered in regards to print media

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