Friday, October 11, 2019

Isu for History

Explanation of why I choose this Topic: I chose this topic simply because of my interest towards evaluating main characters. Both the film Iron Man and the novel A Clockwork Orange, share a similarity in which characters consisted of such acts, attitudes, and behaviors; that were not accepted by others. In this topic, I am able to closely examine the main characters, and to study their personality and their daily lives. My interest focuses on character aspects, and how they developed throughout the story. This is the reason why I chose this topic.What I hope to prove on my essay: In this essay, I am looking into certain character attributes which explains their role as a â€Å"Nonconformist hero â€Å". My goal is to gather as much information about the character, so I am able to come up with 2-3 strong controlling ideas. But, it is also needed to be proven with sufficient proof from both the novel and film. By this, my essay will become stronger within its content. Basically, all information needs to be linked to the main topic – Nonconformist Hero. Outlining major points which will be considered when writing essay:The major points in this essay are going to involve around the main characters from both Iron man and A Clockwork Orange. In the film Iron man, Tony Stark is the main character. Tony Stark consists of every aspect of a Nonconformist hero. He is an individual person, a loner, a dissenter, and a dissident. He is a character that refuses to listen to what others say. Tony Stark does whatever he desires, and does not take others advices. He is a multi millionaire man who runs a company that creates high tech weaponry for the American army.Tony Stark is a brilliant man that creates advanced technology such as; robots, missiles, and others. Despite his intelligence and its positive impact to the country, Tony is careless and self-serving. He consists of a character in which others (society) do not accept. Throughout the film, viewers begin to see his transformation to a hero, but yet still consisted of an ignorant personality. In the novel A Clockwork Orange, Alex is the main character. Such major points will include his gang, and it’s violating behavior.Such aspects include his behavior which is not accepted by others (society). His thoughts and the corrupted society motivate him to commit such crucial acts such as; rape, robbery, and murder. Alex is an example of a Nonconformist character, because he is someone that refuses to act upon expected behavior and thoughts. As the story goes on, it is possible that Alex may begin to encounter obstacles which transform him to a different person towards the end of the story. A paragraph that states the aspects of my essay: In my essay it will consist of 2 controlling ideas.The first controlling idea will be about the character Tony Stark, of the movie Iron man. This point will demonstrate all character aspects of Tony Spark. Clearly illustrating his personality, and explain s how it is linked to a Nonconformist hero. For the second controlling idea, it is going to be about Alex of the novel A Clockwork Orange. Aspects of his acts and his surroundings are going to be explained and proved with sufficient proof. The whole essay is going to be consisted of examples, and explanations of a deep analysis of the characters.

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