Friday, April 19, 2019

Customer Strategy Development Project Research Paper

Customer Strategy learning Project - Research Paper ExampleAccording to FedEx Company Management, International Corporations are the most economic customer groups. The group consists of foreign companies who purchase products from different countries to the destination industries. FedEx provides excellent transportation work for such products. around international corporation customers are modern companies between ages less than 30 years old. More everyplace, the international corporations take hold an extremely high-income level ranging from &50 billion Per Annum. The purchasing habit of this group is recommendable because they make capacious purchases for their raw materials that require efficient transportation to the designated areas (FedEx Corporation, 2013). E-Commerce Companies forms the next group of companies served by FedEx. FedEx Company offers various services to E-Commerce companies such as mail delivery, goods transportation both loc all(prenominal)y and interna tionally. E-Commerce companies are of any age, and the income levels range between $20 billion to $30 billion per Annum. FedEx Company customer profile also caters to individual customers. Most people prefer sending emails, parcels, and other vital information via courier companies. FedEx offers services to individual gravid customers over 18 years of age. In addition, individual customers can be of any sex and the income levels have less significant provided the person meets the charge requirements. The most targeted customers under the international corporations segment include data processor and technology industries like Apple, Google, Max, and Sony. On the other hand, FedEx targets most E-Commerce companies and the rapidly growing small businesses all over the world because they offer excellent business to the company. FedEx has entered into the collaboration with OfficeMax to place its self-service drop boxes in all OfficeMax stores across the nation.

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