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Internal and External Analysis of Pak Electron Ltd

inborn and External synopsis of Pak Electron LtdPak negatron ltd is the pioneer prevarication of electrical goods. It was establish in 1956 in technical collaboration with M/S AEG of Germany. In October 1978 the group was bought by Saigal meeting of Industries. Since its inception, the attach to has forever been contribution towards the advancements and development of the engineering sector in Pakistan by producing hundreds of engineers, skilled workers and technicians by means of its apprenticeship schemes and training program.The results manufactured by pixel grow forever and a day been of high standard and the name pixel is corresponding with QUALITY altogether over Pakistan. Since its inception, the gild has been operative for the advancement and development of engineering know-how in Pakistan. The confederacy has hitd hundreds of engineers, skilled workers and technicians through its apprenticeship schemes training programs. pixel has been continuously add ing new products to its wind. As a result, PEL has registered a signififannyt increase in its gross revenue volume, during the final ten years.PEL PROFILEPak Elektron Limited (PEL) is the pioneer manufacturer of electrical goods in Pakistan. Itwas established in 1956 in technical collaboration with M/s AEG of Germany. In October1978, the company was bought by the Saigol Group of Companies. Since its inception,the company has always been contributing towards the advancement and development ofthe engineering sector in Pakistan by introducing a range of choice home contraptions andby producing hundreds of engineers, skilled workers and technicians through itsapprenticeship schemes and training programmers.The company comprises of two divisionsAppliances course of study government agency DivisionAppliances DivisionPELs appliance division is the flag carrier of the Saigol group. This division of PEL consists of Home appliance manufacturing.PEL Air ConditionersPEL window- face contr ast conditioners were introduced in 1981 in technical collaboration with General bay window of Japan. Ever since their launch, PEL air conditioners have a leading position in the grocery. PEL air conditioners cooling system slaying has been period-tested and approved by Copeland and ITS USA and today PEL holds approximately45% of air conditioners commercialize sh atomic number 18.PEL iceboxsThe manufacturing of refrigerators started in 1986-87 in technical collaboration with M/s IAR-SILTAL of Italy. Like the air conditioner, PELs refrigerators argon similarly in smashing demand. Today, PEL Crystal has 30% market carry on. Its cooling performance is tested and approved by Danfoss, Germany and its manufacturing facility is ISO 9002 certified by SGS Switzerland.PEL Deep FreezersPEL deeply freezers were introduced in 1987 in technical collaboration with M/s Ariston of Italy. Due to their durability and high fictional character, PEL deep freezers are the preferred choice of companies like Lever Brothers.POWER DIVISIONPEL Power Division manufactures energy meters, transformers, switchgears, Kiosks,compact stations, shunt capacitor banks etc. All these electrical goods are assembled chthonic stiff pure tone guarantee and in accordance with international standards.PEL is one of the major electrical equipment suppliers to pissing and Power DevelopmentAuthority (WAPDA) and Karachi Electrical Supply Corporation (KESC), which are thelargest strength companies in Pakistan. everyplace the years, PEL electrical equipment has had been utilise in numerous power projectsof national importance within Pakistan. PEL has the privilege of getting its equipmentapproved and certified from well-reputed international consultants such asPreece, Cardew and Rider, EnglandHarza Engineering partnership, USASnam Progeti, ItalySociete Dumezm, Francemineworker Miner International Inc. USAEnsa, FranceIn spite of stiff competition from emerging local and international br ands, PEL Groups appliances and electrical equipments have remained in the spotlight due to constant innovation. Strategic partnerships with Copeland, Danfoss, Samsung and others have enabled the PEL Group to comprise new technologies into existing product ranges, thus giving the Pakistani market glide slope to innovative, affordable and quality products.TRANSFORMERPEL has vast experience in design and manufacturing of standard and special aim transformers up to 33kV and up to 6000kVA ratings.PEL make oil immersed transformers with natural cooling are suitable for both(prenominal) indoor and outdoor inst in every last(predicate)ations. These are manufactured jibe to BSS-171, IEC-76 or VDE-0532 and tropical zed to meet unfavorable environmental conditions. All our transformers are offered with tabular tank, having a conservator and breather. However, hermetically sealed transformers are also manufactured up to 1000kVA ratings.PEL transformers are available for various applicat ionsDistribution transformers (pole mounted or range mounted design)Auto transformersFurnace transformersWelding transformersChokes for furnace transformersAny other special requirementPELs transformers have been successfully type tested for Impulse voltage and short circuit tests at KEMA, (Holland), HVSC Lab, Rawat (Pakistan), NIP (Pakistan) and UET (Pakistan).ENERGY METERSingle-Phase sinew MetersPEL manufactures Electro-mechanical cypher Meters under license from ABB-USA. The quality of PEL meters has been certified by KEMA Laboratories (Holland) and conforms to IEC 521, SGS Yarsley, and U.K., has certified PEL Energy Meter plant for ISO 9002.PEL type MC8 is a direct connection star-phase meter. The design and constructional features embarrass overload compensation and temperature compensation, thus providing maintenance-free operation over a long period and accurate measuring stick of electrical energy. The frame is sturdy in construction and the covers are available in un breakable polycarbonate charge card material.Poly-Phase Energy MetersPEL type TBL is a direct connection poly-phase meter having improved load performance and precision accuracy over a wide load range. All meter parts are corrosion protected for long-term reliability. It has a magnetic bearing system that is self-cleaning, non-aging and tamper resistant. This ensures virtually frictionless operation of the rotor while withstanding abuse from surges and magnetic tampering. The meter is available with one-piece high bear on polycarbonate cover. The terminal cover is extended type that completely shrouds the service cable.History of RefrigeratorIn 1748 Dr.William Cullen did freshman experiment in artificial refrigeration.In the early 1800s, Michael Faraday discovered the liquefying ammonia gas which causes cooling.IN 1804, Oliver Evans, and American design the first refrigeration machine.In 1834, Jacob Perkins, an American invented the refrigerator in London.In 1844, an American phy sician, Oliver Evinces create a refrigerator to make ice to cool the air.In 1874, Raoul Picked of Switzerland, invented a a compressor system using sulphur dioxide instead of ammonia.In 1876, German engineer, Carl Von Linden made the abut of liquefying gas, basic refrigerator engineering science.In 1915 Alfred Mellows starts to build first self container refrigerator for home use.In 1920 there were some 200 variant refrigerators in the market.In 1922 Baltzar Von Platen and Carl Munters introduce absorption process refrigerator.Refrigerator from the late 1800s until 1929 used the toxic gases, ammonia and methyl chloride and Sulphur dioxide as refrigerant.In 1931 the first air cooled refrigerator launched by Electrolux.In 1947 GE launched two door refrigerators freezer combination.In 1955 80% of American homes now have refrigerators.Throughout the sixties to 1970s house hold refrigerators were improved to better suit consumers.According to the history channel, today refrigerator s are more energy efficientWith the advancement of technology from this era to current era, now, there is quick variegate in the styles and quality.Timeline of Air Conditioning EventsHere is a timeline of historical facts about the development of the air-conditioning industry you may find worrying and help you appreciate the impact this crucial industry has on our lives.1882 Thanks to doubting Thomas Edison, the first electric power plant opens in modernistic York, qualification it possible for the first time to have an inexpensive source of energy for residential and commercial buildings.1889 Central station refrigeration is used in large cities to preserve foods and documents.1902 Willis bearer builds the first air conditioner to combat humidity inside a printing company. Controlling the humidity in printing companies and textile mills was the start of managing the inside environments.1906 Willis Carrier patents his invention calling it an Apparatus for Treating Air.190 6 Stuart W. Cramer coins the term Air Conditioning.1913 The first international exposition devoted only if to refrigeration is held in Chicago.1917 The first documented theater to use refrigeration is the New Empire discipline in Montgomery, Alabama. In that same year, the Central Park Theater in Chicago is built to incorporate the new technology air conditioning.1928 The Chamber of the House of Representatives is air conditioned.1929 The Senate is air conditioned.1930 The White House, the Executive might Building, and the segment of Commerce are air-conditioned.1942 The Potomac Electric Power guild (PEPCO) becomes the nations first summer peaking utility.1946 After arena War II, the demand for room air-conditioners begins to increase. Thirty thousand room air-conditioners were produced that year.1947 Air conditioning becomes a negotiate issue when textile workers in North Carolina strike because of stressful heat and humidity in the workplace.1950 A major study sho ws that families living in air conditioned homes sleep longer in summer, get laid their food more, and have more leisure time.1953 Room air conditioner trades exceed one meg unit of measurements with demand still exceeding supply.1953The air conditioning and refrigeration institute is formed from two associations the infrigidation Equipment Manufacturers Association and the Air-Conditioning and Refrigerating Machinery Association.1955 Mass marketing of frozen dinners begins ads promote TV dinners.1957 The first rotary compressor was introduced, permitting units to be smaller, quieter, weigh less, and more efficient than the reciprocating type.1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the moon in spaces suits with life adjudge and cooling systems.1977 New technology allows heat pumps to operate at lower outdoor temperatures while thaw on the reversed refrigeration cycle.1987 The building blocked Nations Montreal Protocol for protection of the earths ozone layer is sig ned. The Protocol establishes international cooperation on the phase-out of stratospheric ozone depleting substances, including the chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerants used in some refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.1990 ARI, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy, initiates the Materials Compatibility Lubricants Research (MCLR) program, which helps manufacturers to 21 accelerate away from CFC refrigerants.1992 The R-22 Alternative Refrigeration Evaluation Program (AREP) begins a four- year program to investigate alternatives to R-502 and HCFC-22.1995 Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) production in the unit of measuremented avers ends December 31.1997 North American Technician Excellence (NATE) formed to promote excellence in technicians who install and service air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. The NATE-certified logo is synonymous with The Best.1998Research for the 21st centaury a multi-year, million-dollar research program for air-conditioning and r efrigeration equipment begins. The documental is to decrease building energy employ while improving indoor air quality.1998 Shipments of unitary air conditioners and heat pumps set a eternise of more than 6.2 million Units.1998 After receiving five annual awards from the U.S envoi mental protection agency for contributions to environmental protection, ARI was awarded a Best of the Best award for continued environmental concern.Organizational DepartmentsFinance section merchandise discussion sectionSales subdivisionTrading surgical incisionConsumer marketing subdivisionCredit control incisionCustomer service departmentHuman resource management departmentDistributions departmentQuality control departmentDepartment liaisonalFinance DepartmentFinance department provide money for the working of the organization. Pel companys department borrows loanword mainly from national bank and settle terms and conditioned of the interest and time period of returning the load with it. wh en the bargain is made the company firstly return the loan with interest.Human Resource DepartmentHuman resource department of the Pel come with is very much conscious of hiring the employees for the company. The standards he set for hiring the new poople.HRM department of the company mainly makes the external recruitment .this is normally done through news paper web sites extra.HRM department also set salaries, packages and TA, DA allowances. market DepartmentMarketing department is the back bone of any firm. marketing department generally psychoanalyse the ask and requirements of the customer. because this department tells about the customer need to the company which in tern launches the products watch over to the needs of the customers. Marketing department is trusty for making strong advertisement for the products.Sales DepartmentSales department is responsible for making sales of the product.This department generally presents parliamentary laws from the market, fo rk outs information to the accredit control department. Area credit control department apportions information to the sharpen bureau. Head office discuss situation with the finance department and then at last finance department gives authority to area credit control department to settle term and conditions with dealers.Customer service center departmentThis department is very much important for the company because its makes the good will of the company. It provide services to the customers who have their clams and makes the customer loyal. It also gives the yield back to the head office to provide the required spare parts.Consumer Marketing DepartmentConsumer marketing department gives packages to the person who has low income to attract them to purchase their products. They have their own area offices. This department works under credits control departments.Trading DepartmentThis department is involved for importing products. This department imports the required products accord ing to the demand of the customer such as dismantle unit. This department is controlled by its head, which works directly under the head office. This department sends terms and condition of trade to the head office and finance department for the financing. product DepartmentProduction department is involved only producing the products. This department purchases raw material from the suppliers. Then top out the raw material from various dyes machines, modelling machines etc from the assembly line according to the required shapes of the products.Distribution departmentThis department distributes the final products from the production department to the dealers and then ultimately to the consumers. This department is only responsible for distributing products according to the requirement and demand of the sectors.Managerial FunctionsPlanningRefrigeratorPlanning is very much important function of the management.PEL company makes the cookery regarding refrigerator by observing the mark et. How much a company can sales in a particular segments there any chance of growth is also in the planning of the company refrigerator. rub UnitThe company planning regarding split unit firstly is the observation ofthe market. Then after observation how much to import the split units. Finance andtrading department also give suggestion for planning regarding split unit .Then set theirplans according to the requirement.OrganizingRefrigeratorThe organizing regarding refrigerator how to make handiness of refrigerator assured. Taking in the account the polity regarding refrigerator of the company how much to produce and when to produce etcAlmost all the department are involved in organizing and also how much margin to give to the dealers.Split UnitWhile organizing the company takes into account that the last year sales and how much to sale in a particular area. Mainly quality control, finance department and trading department are involved in organizing for how much to import, when to import,where to import etcLeadingReferenceHead office mainly leads all departments regarding refrigerator .Allthe sub ordinate department officers lead the related department and employees and loyalto the head office for their working. Their is check and balance situation for everydepartment.Split UnitHead office mainly leads all the related department of the split units. Trading department is mainly the leader in split unit case for importing it and direct reliable to the head office. For leading it also give its requirement to its head office for finance and for the quality control of the product.ControllingRefrigeratorControlling is the main functions after making the pervious steps. Managers of the each department control its own department working and are liable to the managing director. at that place is check and balance situation. In controlling, monthly and annual basis analysis are made. How much sale is made and for the betterment of the product research and development department then do its job.Split UnitIn controlling of the split units, trading department mainly control the import of the splits units. it checks the quantity of the units and quality control department checks the quality of the split units before launching it in the market.Strategic Management theoretical accountEnvironmental ScanningEnvironmental scanning is the monitoring, evaluating and discriminating of information from the external and internal environment to carry people within the corporation. The company scans the environment in the following wayGeneral ForcesIt includesPolitical ratified ForcesPEL conjunction is very much conscious about the political and legal environment of the country. The company salmagundis its labor wages which is registered whenever a govt. changes the labor laws.Technological ForcesPEL phoner tries to adopt the future technology for using in the product. They always livelihood in view the technology for increasing the quality of the produ ct for their customers. On the basis of modern technology, company is the market leader regarding the appliances.Economic ForcesEconomic forces means change in disposable Income, flections in the market, inflation, change in rate of interest etc go with always keep in mind the economic conditions of the country and sets its prices accordingly.Social Cultural ForcesIt includes environmental concerns, work life quality attitudes and also work force diversity etcPEL social club keeps in view the social finishing changes of the country and sets its target accordingly.Task EnvironmentIt IncludesCustomersPEL Company customers include various government organization such as wapda and Karachi power company regarding power divisions.PEL Company has also an internal and external customers.Internal customers are those who are the employees of the company which dont makes big affect on the sales. External customers are those which are the outsides the company such as general pubic except empl oyees.SuppliersPEL Company has its suppliers regarding its appliance division are Abdullah and Heartz, Star enterprises, Pals codes system. Etcand have its suppliers regarding split unit from china.CompetitorsPEL Company has its competitors like Dawlance, Waves, LG, Haier etc. PEL Company makes close analysis of its competitors to understand its strategies and to overcome its deficiencies.Public Pressure GroupsThere is no public compact group which affect the working of the company because PEL Company makes product by viewing all its aspects which dont affect the societal environment of the economy.Internal EnvironmentStructureCompany has very systematic social system the information flows from top to low bottom and from bottom to top mean mechanistic style have rigid chain of command.CultureThe company has strong culture. Employees work in teams and have set great expectation and values for the incoming employees.ResourcesIt includesAssetsHeavy Machinery, Skill full Employees etc SkillsLabour skills, employee skill etcCompetencesQuickly responsible to competitorsKnowledgeHalf and annually based training.Strategy FormulationMissionObjectiveCompany has its objective regarding refrigerator to be number 1 in the market in the coming three years. Company also set the objective to make the split units in the factory in future.StrategyCompany has a comprehensive master plan to achieve its mission and objectives. Company is trying to stabilize its market share regarding its refrigerator and split unit and also penury its growth in the future.PoliciesCompany has its policy to maintain the quality of its products at lower damage and provides the consistent value satisfaction to the customer.Strategy executingStrategy implementation is the process in which strategy and policy are put into the action through the development of program, ciphers and procedures.ProgramProgram is the statement of the activity of the steps needed to accomplish a single use Plan.PEL Compa ny has a program to make split units in its own factory.BudgetsA budget is a statement of the corporation program in term of money. In Planning and controlling nominate the detail cost of each program. Company set a budget for making split unit in its own company and its also for having advertising.ProceduresSequential steps to complete program known as procedure. Companys program for making split units includes procedures .How much to purchase from supplier at which cost.Evaluation ControlIt is the process in which cooperates activity and performance results are monitored so that actual performance can b compared with the coveted performance.PEL Company makes the evaluation by acquiring the information at all level from managers. And then they take the step for controlling the situation if it is non matching with the desired performance.Business AnalysisSWOT AnalysisSWOT stands for strength and weakness of an organization in the light of opportunities and threats outside the or ganization.StrengthRefrigeratorCompany has its strength in refrigerator.Customer fealtyTrade and experienced staffUsage of Vinyl polish materialCompressor quality (DAN FOSS Germany)Splits UnitsCompany has its Strength in Split Units.Low cost from othersBetter coolingLow power consumptionWeaknessRefrigeratorCompany has its weakness in refrigerator.No uses of compressor bolt out tryNo use of drain triesSplits UnitsCompany has its weakness in Split Unit modify problemOpportunityRefrigeratorCompany has the opportunity endure increase it sales due to loyaltyCan import due to its nameSplits UnitsCompanies have the opportunityTo make split unitsControl pricesCan increase its market shareThreatsRefrigeratorCompanies have the opportunityCompetitors can produce similar productsNew foreign companiesReduction of pricesPEST ANAYLSISPoliticalPolitical or legal forces means law and order situation in the country. Countrys policies for the trading companies. Political and legal situation regardi ng PEL Company is stated asRefrigeratorRegistered LaboursIncrease wages when govt. changes Labour policiesNo political affectsSplits UnitsNo pressure from political parties scotchMean economic condition of the country such as change in dispose bale income, fluctuation in market, inflation rate etcCompany sets the prices according to the economic situation of Pakistan.RefrigeratorMiddle and focal ratio classGenerally in inflation situation buying power decreasesReduction of pricesReduce of qualitySplits UnitsCost of product is main thingSocialRefrigeratorEmployees Work in Shifts.No Women in Work Force.Employees are well settled according to the cultureSplit UnitSocially no affectTechnologicalRefrigeratorTechnology Affects The Working OF A Company.Company Adopts Modern TechnologyReceives Feedback.Split UnitUse of modern Of Technology.Quality Checking.POTERs 5 Model talk terms Power of SupplierBargaining power of PEL Companys suppliers is comparatively low due to the large number of s upplier such as Abdullah and hearts, Pals Codes system etcBargaining Power of buyerPEL Company have high bargaining power as compare to suppliers due to presence of many suppliers.Threat Of New EntrantThere is always a threat of new entrant. PEL Company is facing a threat from foreign a local companies.Existing firmsPEL Competitors like Dawlance, Waves and LG can reduce its appliances products prices.Threat Of Substitute ProductDawlance, Waves, LG etccan produce substitute products at low rates which is threat for the company.BCG MatrixRefrigeratorRefrigerator is situated in star box because it has high share and market growth. Refrigerator has 45% of the market share and also increasing its market growth.Split UnitSplit unit is also placed in star box due to high market share and market growth. Split unit has 30%of the market share and continuously increasing market growth.Marketing ResearchPicturesMarketing MIX producePRICEPLACEPROMOTIONProductProduct is a thing that satisfies cu stomer demands. Pel Company is very much conscious to make the products which satisfy the customer needs.Company makes the productAccording to the needs of the customerWhat kind of size and model they wantWhat kind of features and functions they wantWhat kind of packaging they wantPricePrice is very much important because it attracts the customer in first look. PEL Company is very much conscious about price.Company sets the prices of the products byAnalyzing the market situationActual cost of the productMarketing expenses of the productProfit margin of the companyComparison to other home appliances screen background deal with dealersPlacePlace plays a very important role for any companys product. If the product is not rightly placed, company will suffer from loss.Company places its productAccording to the requirement of customer and marketIn more populated area of the cityAgainst competitors productsMore convenient to the customersPromotionOnce company makes the product, it needs pr omotion for the awareness of the customers. Unless a company will not arrange for promotion a products cant succeed.PEL Company promotes its product throughBill BoardsInternetNews paperBrushers idiot boxISO DetailThere are some requirements that the PEL Company fulfill to get the ISO certificate.International beat PracticesTotal Quality ManagementGood Management practiceKey ForceCompetitiveTeamworkState Of The Art ProductionCommitment For QualityEfficiency Monitoring ProcessZero DefectGroup ProfileIn 1948, The Saigols Migrated From CalcuttaInitiated Their Business In Lyallpur(Later Named Faisalabad)Under The Banner Of Kohinoor Industries Ltd.Kohinoor Textile Mills.Pak Elektron Ltd.Kohinoor Power Company Ltd.Kohinoor Energy Ltd.Kohinoor Motor Works Ltd.Saigol Computer Pvt. Ltd.Saritow Spinning Mills The Azam Textile Mills.Completely Import ExportImportsRefrigeratorIn refrigerator there is Usually No Import because the PEL Company manufactures it own refrigerator. near Time PEL Com pany Import Spare Parts on the Requirement of need.Split UnitPEL Company Import split unit From China.It completely import the splitunit because they do not manufacture the split unit.ExportIn split unit there is no export because PEL Company totally import the split unit.Future Plans ProspectsThere is only one future plan and that isThey want to manufacture the split unit in own company.Suggestions RecommendationsAfter the visit of the PEL Company and check the complete management functions we suggested to the PEL Company to do1. More aggressive advertisement2. To manufacture the split units in their own company

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