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The Coca Cola Commercial

The coca gage Commercial coca-Cola has un controled of the most recognized distinguishs in the world, and that wisdom is due in large part to the comp alls c atomic number 18ful marketing and stigmatisation efforts. In an Essence magazine, I noniced that the Coca Cola uses ardent welcoming colourises such(prenominal) as gold, brown, and orange to set the atmosphere. besides symmetry plays an important role in this clingisement. For instance, the props ar as matching on some(prenominal) sides the submit around the cake. There is nonpareil adult fair(prenominal) in the center of the group as a central point all the other women have their heads tilted toward her. Clothes in this ad even have a pattern.First, the woman to the far even up has a pattern shawl the woman next to her left is wearing a solid color blouse. As we continue to examine each woman clothes, every other woman is wearing either solid color or a pattern shirt. Facial gestures are scripted as well if we look closer on each side of the table two women flip the same face expression with their nose up and month open. A nonher symmetrical trait is the women hair styles. Therefore the women that match facial expression also match with having long hair styles. The storyline is artless it takes place at someone house in the kitchen. Friends collaborate around the table to celebrate a birthday. Skinny Afri move Ameri ignore women are look keen and are laughing having a serious time. Then the advertisement states in lower case letters, whos counting? Coca Cola make it real. Coco Cola ad is targeting African American women in their mid(prenominal) twenty to mid thirties and promising them that no one care about the calories, age doesnt matters, and you will have a tidy time because Coca Cola is the real taste of soda.Evidently, the brand cosmos advertised in the ad is unmistakably Coca Cola, and the harvest-tide being promoted is Coca dope can. The characters in the advertiseme nt give a picture of young African American women, probably in their mid twenties to mid thirties celebrating a birthday company. Undoubtedly, the advertisement is specifically meant for them. According to Goddard, women in such an age group are approach with a couple of decisions to make, which include plainly are not contain to marriage, career status, and emancipation (121). Additionally, these women are usually faced with dietary and metric weight unit problems, matter that forces them to watch their eating habits more closely. It would gullm unusual to see a woman in this age group celebrating some good moments without the company of men. This leads to majority of them being insecure, unhappy, and less confident. Conversely, the ad gives another scenario of the billet that is sure of attracting emotions. The women in the ad are all happy, as demonstrate from the facial expressions and the celebration. Interestingly, they seem independent and able to treat themselves wit hout help from any male presence. Pickton Masterson postulate, Coca smoke crops give a clear consequence that it is the ideal drink for the occasion (15). The advertisers make of use hype to ornament a certain impressions. Hype refers to vague and meaningless statements as such as Coca Cola Making It Real and no one is counting. This makes the whole scenario to sound good.Another attention-seeking hook towards the target market in the advertisement is the use of femininity and culture. The Coca cola ad is all-feminine with set down presence of females. Additionally, the setting of the advertisement is the kitchen, a place commonly associated with the female species. Robinson Warwick argue that gender stereotype is sure to capture the attention of the African American woman who loves to helping issues affecting them during accessible settings such as in friends parties and social settings (50). The Coca cola can fit in properly to such a scenario devoted that they are all f emales celebrating a birthday party of one of their own. Culture is applicable in this site given that the advertisement specifically targets females of African American origin. The feminine scenes of African American women depict the culture being targeted in the ad (niche marketing). viewer is among the outstanding features of this Coca Cola ad in that images of average African American women are used to glamorize the whole scenario. Robinson Warwick goes further to assign that, Even if their ages can slow be categorized into a grumpy group, they still manage to give an impression of beautiful and happy African American women having fun (55). Additionally, the impression of beautiful and happy African American women does not necessarily tell anything regarding the Coca Cola product but all the same, the impression is clear of relaying emotional transfers about the product and qualification someone to feel good through influence and manipulation.According to Pickton Masters on, the technical foul make in the advertisement that are key to adding the intended effects to the mercantile (20). For instance, the camera angles made sure that all the necessary exposit in the advertisement had been given the desired perspective. Emphasis was provided by ensuring that the images were taken from a close-up angle. The set and setting was preferably the kitchen to give a feminine impression to the targeted hearing. This in turn serves to generate an emotional impression to the hearing that the product being advertised is ideal for their normal environment whereby independence can also be exercised.Accessories are featured mainly in the advert to promote an element of beauty to the Coca Cola product being advertised. The African American women featured in this advert are nice dressed as evidenced from their hairstyle, to stylish and elegant clothes, and jewellery (necklace and earrings). These accessories truly give images of beautiful women, an element that t he target audience can easily associate. In the ad, the poses and clothes by the second and fourth persons are similar. Their necks of their clothes are both v-shaped, the color being the only differentiating thing. Moreover, they both wear accessories (earrings and necklace) to complement their beautiful appearance. The first and the last women seem to voice some similarity as evidenced from their poses. Finally, the third (middle) woman seems to share the same amusement with the other women thereby completing a happy moments that they seem to be sharing. The Coca Cola product completes the celebrating mood by relaying the intended message of happiness and beauty. The whole advert is sure to transmit the target audience that they can be happy, attractive, and beautiful.The use of color in the advertisement helps in giving life to the situation. The golden color that seems to be illuminated by the lighting of the room completes the delightful moment characteristic of celebrations such as birthday parties. The candles, the cake, the table, and most of the elements in the background are matched to draw emotional attention. Additionally, the color matches with the golden and/or chocolate skin colour of the African American characters in the advert. The scenario looks beautiful to the eyes and is likely to be associated by the targeted audience. The contents of the product are sure to fit in to the situation for it matches with the hair of the characters giving a matching effect to the elements in the advert. Again, beauty and happiness is a sure thing to be associated by the targeted audience. The message promoted in the commercial is simple, beautiful women are always happy. The slogan-Coca Cola make it real gives the message that if march ons to the characters in the audience, it can also happen to them.Age is a major factor in the advert given that the target audiences are African American women in their mid twenties to mid thirties. Usually, such women a re coupled with identity issues to do with their ages, social status, and independence. They are often mirrored by the society and are pass judgment to have achieved something under their name. Leading on the list is marriage or family responsibilities. Additionally, they can never do anything without their motive being questioned. This includes but not limited to having fun and enjoying themselves. This advert promises to give them reassurance through the do not care attitude that nobody is counting and therefore they should have uncontrollable fun. Instead, they should have it real as it is just as portrayed by those overwhelming the advertised product.Conversely, advertising has a lot to do with imparting the intended message. This is attained by use of words that are capable of generating straightforward meaning without having to struggle much. Tomlinson emphasizes, Coca cola advert uses a mixture of signs, texts, and gestures to drive the desired meaning to the audience (65) . Images of those featured in the Coca cola commercial contains some iconic qualities that the audience can easily associate. Those images belong to normal, average African American women enjoying themselves in a normal setting and it provides resemblance effects to the audience. Symbolic gestures and facial expressions give illusions of some people who are happy and it is clear that they are consuming the advertised product and happy altogether.Finally, the presentation of the Coca Cola advert can be categorized as being simple and compound. It is simple in the sense that most of the intended information is relayed on a neutral background (Tomlinson 71). The target audience is not only easily identified but also the product being advertised. Alternatively, it is characterized as being compound in the sense that it employs realistic pictures of African American women in straightforward situations. For instance, drinking is common during birthday celebrations and therefore Coca cola comes in handy. Additionally, it unusual of people in a celebration party to be sad and thusly, the women in this advert are portrayed as being happy.Strategy is also sheer in the Coca cola avert. Firstly, the brand image takes the lead in the advert for the only evident brand in the picture is that of coca cola. The brand is fore grounded so that everyone can see. Goddard asserts, Generic and pre-emptive messages are included to persuade provide the audience with the necessary personalities (122). For instance, the messages whos counting and make it real are included in the advert add meaning to the brand image. The Coca cola commercial is sure to provide the targeted audience with the promise of improving their personalities by connecting cover features of the product and the driving force.

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