Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Effect of Organization Essay Example for Free

The Effect of plaque EssayIn future studies it may be more beneficial to try to carry away the investigation in laboratory conditions rather than in participants own homes to limit distraction and ensure that all(prenominal) participants carried out the test at the analogous time of day.Other factors that may have affected the participants argon demand characteristics. Knowing that they are taking part in a psychology experiment may have meant that the participants behaved differently when in a normal situation e.g. the situation may have spurred on some participants, whereas others may have felt nervous which could have hindered their performance. Allocating participants into groups should have been carried out in the same manner by each of the experimenters, and in future experiments perhaps the use of goods and services of Random Number Tables would be more appropriate.Upon conducting the study it was overly discovered that although the speech communication had been sh uffled on a computer to compile the ergodic key, the computer had placed them in alphabetical order which imposed some form of organisation onto the name which was pointed out by some of the participants. The randomisation of the words would have to be improved if further studies were undertaken.It had been determined for the purposes of this study that gender was not important. However, further studies could investigate whether there is a difference in computer storage recall between genders. The same study could be repeated but in this instance quadruple Conditions would need to be satisfied Condition 1 female participants to study a prepared coordinate list of words Condition 2 female participants to study a prepared random list of words Condition 3 male participants to study a prepared random list of words Condition 4 male participants to study a prepared random list of words.This study also did not take into account any possible cultural variations.Investigations int o memory are important in finding ways to help people learn, particularly in an educational or work environment. Teachers should use structures within their lessons and encourage students to attach meaning to what they are learning, so that later retrieval of the information volition be easier. In addition, children and students should be encouraged to attach some of their own organisation when studying bare-ass subjects.REFERENCESBousfield (1953), The Effect of Organization on Memory, Beginning Psychology, p75Bower (1969), The Effect of Organization on Memory, Beginning Psychology, p75Mandler (1967), sept Clustering, Simply Psychology (Michael Eysenk), p16

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