Saturday, March 23, 2019

Good Usage is Simply Correct Grammar Essay example -- Teaching Writing

Good engagement is Simply Correct GrammarWhat is good use? Does it eve matter? Those atomic number 18 not easy questions to answer. Is good use just simply apply prepare grammar or is everyone who is use it just trying to speak preceding(prenominal) everyone else? What I mean by trying to speak above others is using large words, which you normally would not use, just to sound to a greater extent good than you actually are. I guess the type of usage a soulfulness uses depends on the audience, the topic, and why the person is writing. Why does good usage retain to involve more than just those items?My answer to that question is that it does not. There are, in fact, many different types of good usage. There is good usage for golden letters, resumes, cover letters, applications and etc. For instance, I would not import a letter to a confederate and use the same type of language I would use in a paper for a professor. The letter would be more casual while the paper would be much more formal. If I wrote the personal letter in a formal stylus the reader would take one look at the letter and think I was just trying to impress someone. However, that does not mean that I am not using good usage in that letter. I lock up use correct grammar, check the punctuation, and check the spelling. That is what I affect good usage to be. As long as I still do those items isnt that okay for a friendly letter? My friend reading that letter does not want to have to look up every other word in the dictionary.Now lets say I was writing a resume cover letter. I would not write something like Hey, Id be a good plus to your go with. Instead I would write something to the effect of I olfactory modality I could be a desired asset in your company. I would choose the second statement because it sounds more... to say here? Basically, I am saying that good usage consists only of using correct grammar (paragraphs, punctuation, spelling, etc.) and has absolutely nothing to do with knowing all those 75 centime words. plenty do not want to listen to other heap trying to act smart and show off.Why does it matter? People need victorian usage to get employed, receive good grades, to even get acknowledged in the real world, and just simply to be accepted.Should good usage matter? This is tricky because it should not matter how proper people can speak as long as they do not sound dumb as a rock (if they are not) and they are able to perform their jobs well. Yet, we should not be running more or less saying sentences like I aint got no pen so I aint gonna do my homework because this is not even close to correct grammar which is my interpretation of what good usage really is.

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