Monday, March 18, 2019

The Maturity of Men :: Media Movies Maturing Essays

The Maturity of custody It has been said that manpower matured slower than wo men and often become the fast one of many conversations. Even Hollywood can sell movies based on this humor. Is it fair to say that all men ar immature for their climb on? Of course it is not, but it seems that it is a growing epidemic among American jokes and allows a reasonable explanation as to why men are so different from women. Men take a little longer to fulfill information and may need to make a few mistakes along the way in crop to view the world as it exists. It is almost easier to say that men are immature than going into depth of how their point works, and why they do the things they do. Although sometimes it may seem impossible for men to finally grow up, they eventually do because they realize from their own experiences what is right and what is not. Many Hollywood films, including American marry and School of Rock, view men with an immature mentality but are able to exp lore a plot where they grow through their experiences. In the film American Wedding, tell by Jesse Dylan, the plot follows the same theme as the first ii in the American Pie trilogy. It has most of the same dispositions except now Michelle and Jim are getting married. The last person they would ever plan on inviting would be Steve stifler because of his immature personality and obsession for sex. As the movie continues Stifler pretends to be sophisticated so that Jims future mother-in-law will bid him to the wedding. Of course there are other motives involved but the tables hug drug quickly when Stifler realizes how important growing up is in order to finally settle down in life. Although in American Wedding the man characterized as immature is much younger than the one in School of Rock, it still follows the same path. This just proves that men can mature at all ages. This film, directed by Richard Linklater, has the famous Jack dumb who is stereotyped as t he immature male. Jack Blacks character is in his thirties but still lives in the dream that he will become a famous rock star.

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