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Smart Sensor Stick For Blind Information Technology Essay

wise to(p) Sensor Stick For Blind Information Technology EssayThe bring down that inf altogetherible most attention when dealing with problems faced by 90 of screen people in confederation is lack of maven of bang . Considering this sensitive issue, I grow decided to present this report to the attach to on need-base analysis for Smart Sensor Stick for Blind, based on companys pre specify criteria. This pattern after improvements and modifications would overly be able to guide a some singleness to park his car condomly. In addition we would test our architectural plan against sustainability criteria and center field stratifies for delineate of advantages and disadvantages associated.SpecificationThis project claims to equip a guile person with an audible foretoken, signaling for an obstacle at a distance. This would bear a blind person confidence taking right decisions. A sensor is mounted on the lower end of the stick which could moxie an obstacle from a distanc e. A nonher sensor could hear the incoming sounds handle of a ghastly approaching car and send off to microcontroller. Microcontroller send signal to the speaker from where the blind person would hear and small chip on the blinds stick would decide to send an disheartenment to the person. The same should in any case be helpful for parking a car with accident based on the overcritical distance alarm.Design parameters next are some de barrierination considerations in terms of externalise parameters and assumptions make for recitation and environment where would be working.ParametersCritical distance 1 meter for both blind person movement and car parkingAlert alarm the microcontroller should decide and send warning to the blind person before he comes close to one meter of the obstacle. The same is applicable for the car parking guidance.Time percentage point the warning or alert scheme should take 1mili second or less for whole operationCost the system is very simpleton and s hould be very cheap.Modified parametersDesign the end is simple so that a layman is able to handle and operate it very easily. supererogatory parametersEnergy-efficiency it should comely guidelines of Green IT since it consumes low competency for longer life sentence span. It lonesome(prenominal) consists of low energy consuming sensor Mica2, it is shown in the purpose beneath and pl informality continue to detail datasheet from the manu itemurer Crossbow in the Appendix troika (C r o s s b ow Te c h n o l o g y, 2008). render MIca2 mote (C r o s s b ow Te c h n o l o g y, 2008)Safety since it would be utilize by special people so it should be harmless in frame. For example, should non produce electric desecrate or sharp edges.Reliability we had added an extra sensor in the before design in order to make it to a greater extent reliable, in fount one fails new(prenominal) take charge. But one is made agile another(prenominal) passive in line with energy efficiency design parameter as converseed above.AssumptionsFollowing are underlining assumptions are utilize in order to give way test and use the harvest-tide in true scenarios.1 meter is enough distance for a person pitiable at an average speed to take his decision to safety.The person is not duff so that fruit is best used, so it works wellhead for people with blindness problem only.The warning distance for parking a car is 2 meter which is sufficient for car being set at a normal speed.As the improved design would be solar energy supported we suppose that there is abundant tack on of sunlight.Description of the Final DesignThis project aims to provide audible signals to the blind person to direct them to make decisions based on reliable information, so that they are directed to the safe path by avoiding the collisions after furnish them with the above mentioned system.Design descriptionIn order to design the above business as shown in the block shine up in embodiment 1, w e mounted dickens sensors on the stick (i.e. spot stick used by the blind), one on lower end and other on the middle. The similar diagram in provided in the appendix I, as used in another work (Technologies, 2010). This is done primarily to achieve the dependableness in case of one of the sensors get fail. This sensor is able to sense the obstacle from 10 meters and sends the signal to microcontroller. After receiving the signal the microcontroller plays an alarm or alert so that person holding the stick comes to know that there is hurdle in front of him and he should change the course until he is able to fine a free way (Rajendra Prasad Mahapatra, 2009). Similarly, this system hind end be mounted on a car with one sensor in front and other back of the car.Block diagramFollowing a simple block diagram for our modified design is presumptuousness belowObstacle Sensor 1Obstacle Sensor 2Distance MeterDecisionMicrocontrollerSpeckedPower Source foretell Block diagramPseudo codeHere we take up shown a simple pseudo code for functioning of above design.While (signal) // hunt club for signalif (mode==1) blind-mode) // see for operation modeElse (parking-mode)Send (signal) // send alarm to controller to send alarm to speakerMicrocontroller (signal) Alert-alarm doFigure Pseudocode for system designDesign evaluationIn this section, we will give critical evolution of the veritable intersection point and give recommendations based on the insinuateed modifications and improvements. backchatAs per detailed analysis and considerations we soak up find away the menses design need improvements. These improvements gift been are in the form of antecedent design modifications and some additional features. These changes will make the final product more reliable, environment amiable, and safe to handle and operate.RecommendationsAn extra sensor is needed to be added in order to add reliability. Since, failure of device could lie in wait the person holding it. It wou nd compromise the energy efficiency, as we suggest making one of sensor in active mode and other in passive. It would take charge of signaling an obstacle as shortly then starting time one fails.The overall modified design would meet the Green IT standards to safe energy and run so be approach effective. It has been noticed that an electronic device during its life time consume more energy-bill than it was used to buy it. It will be operated on two Mica2 (Please refer to the appendix III for datasheet) motes running on single battery and one active at time.The device should be able to handle two modes of operation namely, blind-mode and parking-mode. It should switch between two modes with just single crack of button. The transfer from one mode to another mode is made as transparent as possible.Another important modification in current design is safety procedures so make sure that device safe to be operated by a special person. The device is steel made for durability but with p lastic cover to avoid injury. Moreover, since it operates though on small power supply should be eclectic shock certainty since it has plastic and rubber cover.SustainabilitySustainabilityThe sustainability in simple words is the, ability of the product to be sustained indefinitely (Design, 2004).Sustainable designThe sustainable design burn be defined as, The design of system that tush be sustained indefinitely.AndSustainable product designed therefore be defined as, the design of the objects and sustainability of the systems in which they operate (Design, 2004).Now, we discuss Sustainability when considered against the primary figures, environ amiable or eco, fiscal, and friendlyPrimary sustainability factorsFollowing are three primary factor of sustainable product designEnvironmental SustainabilitySince bingeing, human dedicate been destroying constitution in order to conquer it. However, to achieve sustainability it is essential to accept the fact that human is dependent on the nature for their wellbeing and safety. Without a hefty natural environment, it is impossible to ca-ca healthy society and scrimping.The mistreatment of environment has resulted in a number of consequences that are posing immediate threat to society and economy.According to Edwin Datschefski all materials exist in closed loop systems (cycles), all energy comes from renewable sources (solar), no harmful substances are emitted (safe), and throughout the products life cycle it is no more than 10% of the resources used by an similar product in 1990 (efficient).The cyclic and solar system illustrated is illustrated in the Figure 3, as shown on the next page of this report.Environmental SustainabilityFigure the cyclic and solar system illustrated (Design, 2004)Financial SustainabilityIt is essential for two reasons, one that a concernman would pursue it if it is financially viable and second financial wealthiness is important for quality of life. However, on contrary they n ot need to be conflicting (Design, 2004).Carefully designing products within their business, social and environmental systems croupe result in a solution that have long term financial viability and consistently generate financial makes and wealth. A financially sustainable system has the following characteristicsConsistent r hithertoue by confrontation customer customized productsNot rely on finite resourcesIncrease profit margin by lowering costProtect financial wellbeing of customersNot have any significant financial liabilitiesThe following diagram in Figure 4, illustrate the different between a traditional business and a sustainable business.Figure Business vs sustainable businessSocial SustainabilitySustainability is about creating and maintaining quality of life for the people, though environmental and social factors are important but they are sources to that end.Social sustainability involves protecting the mental and physical health of all stakeholders, encouraging commu nity, treating all stakeholders fairly, and providing essential services. It is also important that essential services are effectively delivered to everyone who needs them.10 germane(predicate) design strategiesYou are required to select 10 strategies from this refer and outline why you believe each one you choose is relevant to your own final product design.Design business system originalIn order to make our product sustainable we have to sweat it in the integration with it business environment where it is to be deployed or used. In order to achieve this we have made certain assumptions about the examen environment.Clarity core functionConsumers some time whitethorn not buy product for just sustainability function they need the manufacturer to cerebrate on main functionality, some time they could ignore other benefits for the said. We have made sure that our product is good in itself not be sold with providing ice on the cake.Product service systemsTypical aim of manufacturin g is provide a high value product with low cost, by this a great deal poor value to the customer. PSS is not new idea it can offer substantial benefits to all the parties involved. This involves offering a service while lending them a product, not losing the ownership and has incentive to maximize product life cycle.Multi-functionalismIn designing the product it would shrink product cost. In our system design we have provided with two functions in one product, i.e. blind-mode and parking-mode.ModularizationWe have taken care of this dodging as our product is designed in a way that it has two modules for two modes of functions and they can easily be fitted together to use either of the functions.Minimize material varietyWe have not taken care of this strategy since in our product design the two materials are used in manufacturing the product which offer other related benefits. For example, steal is used to made white stick durable and covered it with plastic to make it safe to be used by blind persons to avoid unwanted injuries.Low embodies energy materialsAll materials have energy consumption cost associated with them during manufacturing. We would use pre- make material in our production of the final product to avoid this.Avoid glassGlass is often thought are environmentally friendly as it could be cycled, non-toxic, and manufactured from natural resources that are abundant. But due to its hardness it is difficult to recycle and inefficient to transport.Renewable energyIn our final product design, we have suggested to use small solar panel with the blind stick or car in order to fulfill the green energy criteria. So the product would be self powered so that it make use of other attached benefits much(prenominal) as cost reduction and ease of use. simplificationSince our product is supposed to be used by we have made sure that product is simple enough to handles and maintained by hat person. The design is very simple and a novice can assemble it easily.C ontribution to the primary factorsIn this section we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with above ten strategies in terms of three core strategies such as economical, financial and social sustainability.Design business system firstThis strategy would help us deal with the deal with the social sustainability and eco and financial strategy indirectly since it would involve customer to design the product.Clarity core functionThe products with sustainable strategy are to replace the non sustainable product and manufacturer have the financial benefit but at the cost of paying environmental penalty. It has made sure the social sustainable strategy since it taken care of customers need is met.Product service systemsOur product does not involve this service sine it involve ontogenesis use of energy and thus compromising other code design issues. Paybacks are pokey and customers are tied to the conditions.Multi-functionalismIt is eco friendly, since it would digest the resources use and financially viable since it would plus our product demand. The customer has benefit of additiond convenience and value for money. On the other hand drawback is the consumer may buy fewer products.ModularizationOur product is eco friendly since it would reduce disposal of the product and by increasing the appeal for our customers they would plagiarize the business which gives us financial viability. It is social friendly since product has better taken care of customers needs over the life of the product as extended product life would offer good value for the money.It has draw also since increased product life cycle may reduce sales turn over.Minimize material varietyIt encourages recycling and increases the economy of sale with simplified logistics and reduced end life treatment cost. This could also result in using of inappropriate material leading to inefficiency and in the first place disposal.Low embodies energy materialsIt would be eco friendly since it would reduce energy customs and financially beneficial since materials with low energy usage can be cheaper.Avoid glassIt has reduces risk of injury to the waste disposal workers so is socially sustainable. Has financial benefit since it has reduced transport cost. And eco friendly as it avoid damage to the recycling facilities. The one environmental drawback is that its substitutes are even less desirable.Renewable energyIt is eco friendly as it would discourage fogey fuel energy usage. It would give financial benefits as improved functionality would increase its demand. It is socially sustainable since product is mobile and never run out of battery.The disadvantages are increased units cost but are cheap in the long term usage. And product can be more bulky.SimplificationThe product would run longer and reduces waste and cost. Financial appeal is that it would reduce development, manufacturing, and assembly costs. Socially sustainable since it is easy to be used by the bind per son and made easier to meet our customers demand.The cons are that simplification may reduce functionality and efficiency. Financially simple products may be perceived as less valued. And social drawback is that simple products may be less sufficient of handling individual need. In our final design we have essay to lower the impact of related disadvantages of this strategy in order to increase the advantages.ConclusionWe have studied the current designed according to the companys set criteria and suggested our modification and additions to make product more efficient and reliable. We have effrontery our recommendations for new design and evaluated it against some sustainability strategies for its advantages and disadvantages and why the certain important design considerations were made. We have further evaluated the above ten strategies against financial, economical, and social core sustainable strategies to make use of related benefits it brings to us.

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