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Singing in the Rain Essay -- essays research papers

The hit musical "Singin in the rainf every(prenominal)" may possibly be one of if not the colossalest musicals ofall time. With its tale of the acquire world of the mid 1920sand its creative underlining love drool between dressLockwood (Gene Kelly) and Kathy Selden (DebbieReynolds), it provokes the interest of someone who wouldnot generally be attracted to a musical. It is a classicmasterpiece that set the standards that musical films of straightaway will be judged by. It is a classic performance by thegreat Gene Kelly and displays outstanding performances byDebbie Reynolds and feignald OConnor. As well as feature in this brilliant photo, Gene Kelly teams up withStanley Donen to make their mark in film history. In myopinion, what set the stage for the level of put ontainmentthat this cinema contains is the disruption position. The opening chance set the social function of sarcasm in the motion-picture show and gave the depiction an immediate sense of humor. Four individual separateof movie making come to maturateher in this film to take a leak adynamic opening sequence. The basic principles of sound,editing, mise en scene, and cinematography jointly make itthis opening sequence a memorable quality that is withoutmatch. The opening of Singin in the Rain takes place at theopening of the unused movie "The Royal Rascal" starring DonLockwood and Lena Lamont. There argon celebrated people allaround and their fans be loving every blink of an eye of it. Thefans faces are full of joy and awe as their favorite actorsand actresses enter the large building that will soon beshowing the new movie. Soon, the two people thateveryone in Hollywood is dying to see, appear in theirstretched Rolls Royce and bring the crowd to its feet. AsLockwood and Lamont exit their luxurious ride they arereceived lovingly by everyone. They walk to the front of thebuilding and are introduced to the crowd. Then the doubtfulness is posed to Mr. Lockwood, "How did it allbegin?" The answering of this question is what my paperwill explain. I will attempt to break guttle the opening sceneand show how it all started. By using tools of film such assound, editing, mise en scene, and cinematography, thispaper will show how the scene was made as well. Mise enscene played an important role in this movie as with anyother movie. The properties of mise en scene were fullyeffective in the beginning flashback scene. At the beginningof Don Lockw... ...nd that the superimposed duo were takenfrom. They proceed to dance for a duplicate of minutes andwhen they are finished there is no reaction. There is a cutand we see a point-of-view shot in terms of Don andCosmo to see that the audience is booing. This is the lastscene before they actually get to Hollywood. Singin in theRain is the musical that all other musicals should be judgedby. It tells a story that only others had dreamed of telling.Donald OConnor, Debbie Reynolds and the great GeneKelly fo ster give one of the greatest performances of alltimes in a musical. With the help of superb editing, sound,mise en scene, and cinematography, this film cannot betopped. The fist scene of the movie creates an atmospherethat helps the viewer know that he/she will enjoy this marvelous classic. Throughout the movie there are surprisesand fun that makes this a movie that people will want towatch again and again. Gene Kelly verbalise it best when hesaid, "Dignity, always dignity." That is what this movie hasfrom beginning to end, dignity. The best occasion we couldpossibly do is forget about our worries and just start Singinin the Rain. Courtesy of Chew (1995) U. of Maryland

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